The Universe Responds to You

You are the creator of your experience,
and the way you feel is the indicator
of what you’re offering vibrationally.

And what you’re offering vibrationally
always matches what comes back.

So you can play it one of two ways:
you can wait 'til it comes back
in manifestational form.
And, then do something about it.
(That’s an exciting life.)

Or you can wait 'til it’s reflected
back to you in emotional form
before it manifests.
(It’s not as exciting.)

It’s just as much in control;
ultimately more satisfying,
... and really what Deliberate Creating is all about.

Everything that comes to you,
comes in response to your vibration.

The Universe responds to you,
(which includes every person,
every attitude,
every conversation,
every person in traffic),

And, everything that comes to you,
comes in response
to your vibrational offering.

And the Universe that is responding to you
does not know or care, or distinguish in any way,
the difference between the vibration of some fact
that you are living,
or something you’ve imagined,
or something that you are remembering.

In other words, vibration is vibration.