If You Want More Money to Come

If you want more money to come, you’ve got to find some way of getting off the subject of not enough money, and the easiest way we’ve ever seen to do that is to get in the mode of appreciating the money that is coming. Or, get off that subject and get on a subject that you are in the allowing mode about…

So how do you know whether you’re in the allowing mode of what you’ve been asking for? It’s easy. The allowing mode feels like fun, feels like joy, feels like love, feels good. The resistant mode feels like tension, feels like hate, feels like anger, feels bad. You can tell whether you are in the allowing, or resistant, mode by the way you feel.

Meditation is the ultimate allowing place, because there is no contradictive thought. Appreciation is a tremendous allowing space—in appreciation you are lined up with that which is your Source.