Magnifying Glass

You look out into your society and you see things you don’t want, and you say, “Oh, we need to keep track of those things we do not want.” And we say, why not tell it like it is? I’m looking out into society and I’m finding things I don’t want, and then I’m subscribing to cable news; I’m subscribing to newspapers; I’m subscribing to information that goes all around the world and looks for things that aren’t working well. And then I hold my magnifying glass on them and look at them, too, so that I can be sure that I can recreate those unwanted things in my experience.

Now, we have to admit, we are exaggerating things a little bit, because, fortunately, you have so many things to look at so there are many wonderful things that you give your attention to that you recreate constantly. Many of your expectations are serving you very well. Look at the lifestyle that you are living. It is amazing, by world standards, the things you have come to expect, and therefore, the things that you hold stable and constant in your vibration, which you continue to recreate.