You Are Free

Whatever you are giving your attention to is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, you include it in your vibration. You can choose something that causes you to reverberate in such fantastic harmony with your Source, that your heart is singing all the time—or you can choose something to focus upon that is gut-wrenching, or unsettling. You do have those choices. And the more you deliberately exercise those choices—and choose those things that feel good and therefore connect you with the whole of who you are—then the less inclined you are to try to control the conditions around you. And that’s a happy day for you.

When you discover that it is not your work to control the conditions around you—you are finally free. It’s good for those around you, too. Because nothing is more frustrating for you, than to need to do the impossible. When you want to control the conditions, and you can’t, because you can’t, and then you are frustrated because you can’t; but you need to in order to feel good—you’re sort of a prickly sort of being and hard to be around.

When you discover the freedom of choosing thought which connects you with who you are and causes you to radiate the powerful Pure Positive Energy that is You, your heart is singing—and you are so good to be with.