Fan Your Desire

Put your thought upon what you believe you want
and the Law of Attraction will draw more information,
more data, and more circumstances to your creation.



Puddle Dive

When you are in the mode of justifying,
you are in a negative mode,
for you are not focused upon what you want.

Instead, you are trying to convince others
that it is all right for you to desire,
and you need not do this.

It is all right.



How Can I Increase My Magnetic Power?

The thoughts that you think
without bringing forth the feeling of strong emotion
are not of great magnetic power.

In other words,
while every thought that you think
has creative potential,
or magnetic attracting potential,
the thoughts that are thought
in combination with the feeling of strong emotion
are the most powerful.
Certainly, the majority of your thoughts, then,
have no great attracting power.
They are more or less maintaining
what you have already attracted.

And so, can you not see the value
of spending 10 or 15 minutes every day
deliberately setting forth powerful thoughts
that evoke great, powerful,
positive emotion
in order to attract circumstances and events
into your life experience
that are to your wanting?
(We see great value
in that.)

Here we will offer a process by which
you may spend a little bit of time every day
intentionally attracting into your experience
the health, vitality, prosperity,
positive interaction with others...
all the things that make up your vision
of what the perfect life experience
would be for you.

And that will be a changing thing, friends.
For as you intend and receive,
you will not only receive the benefit
of that which you have created,
but you will also receive a new perspective
from which your intentions will be different.

That is what evolution
and growth are about.



Reach Beyond What-Is

Looking at the things that you don't want will never make your world more as you want it to be.

It will only drag you down into the discord of that.

As a creator, you are better off with those things you don't want in your world, than if your world was, by your standards, perfect in every way, because those things cause you to reach beyond what-is.

And if you do not find reason to reach beyond what-is, then you stand still, and none of us can do that.

There is only motion forward. Contrast assures that.
We are all free, or none of us are free.

And so, if you like being able to choose the things that you like to choose -- then it must be alright with you that others choose the things that they want to choose.



"Everything you have is in the care of the God Force. If you come home and the stereo is missing, you can say, "Ah, they've come for the stereo," rather than getting uptight about it. It's just gone back to the God Force. Somebody else has it now. That leaves space for another stereo to come into your life. Or it leaves space for no stereo at all. Now you'll have the silence to meditate and think about who you are and what you want in this life."

from the book, Infinite Self ... by Stuart Wilde


Encourage Individuality

Your innate awareness of individuality is at the heart of your international rebellion. Look at the exacerbated unrest in the Middle Eastern regions and think about what would happen if all parties could say, and mean: “You think differently than I do, but I encourage individual, diverse thought...” rather than “I’m afraid of your thought because it might overtake my thought....” You are trying to push against individuality, but you will never be able to suppress individuality.

However, in the moment that you as an individual; you as a religion or as a government ... would begin to encourage individuality, your trouble would begin to subside. An encouragement of individuality must happen within any individual who is ever going to find satisfaction in this diverse Universe of which we are all a part.