This is the Experience

Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful
for the evolution of your consciousness.

How do you know this is the experience you need?

Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.

-Eckhart Tolle-


Paul Attalla Completes Solo Row Across Atlantic

Dr. Paul Attalla becomes first Canadian to complete
the "world's toughest endurance test."

His crossing was the third fastest
in the history of the
Atlantic Rowing Race.

Paul set a record of becoming the fastest Canadian
to ever row a boat across the Atlantic Ocean ... solo.

( 3,410 miles in 76 days )

And, he is only the second Canadian
to ever successfully row
across the Atlantic Ocean solo.

Salutations, Paul.

Some statistics from Paul include:

0 # of capsizes.

This is a very important fact if you read Barbara Ivy's blog after the race, they revealed their capsize and it was a very harrowing experience for the 2 women.


1 # of very sore buttocks.

Paul is recovering well and can sit down through meals and more, but when he first landed, it was hard to sit down. But he's happy to be sitting down without the constant rolling motion and without the constant sound of the wind in his ears.


4 # of sharks that swam and swam around the boat.

Sharks are lone travellers, so that's four separate encounters! One of which came about an hour after Paul went under to clean the hull of the boat!! Timing is everything as they say.


6 # of close encounters with freighters which reluctantly and eventually moved out of Paul's way.


One of which he felt its deep tremors on the water as one freighter approached right on his bow before it agreed to change their course. Most of the captains would not believe that he was actually a very small ocean rowing boat and one captain thought he was a refugee from somewhere. Paul inadvertently shot a flare at one of the freighters (protocol is to shoot in the air). He panicked and was quite frightened because it was getting way too close for comfort, and with trembling hands he shot the flare. Paul alone could have started a naval warfare in the middle of the Atlantic! Canada vs ship of unknown origin.

As some teams were nearing Verde Islands off the coast of North Africa, Spanish fighter jets buzzed them thinking they were refugees from North Africa to the Canaries. It confused the pilots because these small row boats (loaded down with solar panels and high tech equipment) were all going in the opposite direction from Spain out to open sea! ... High-tech refugees.


56 # of lbs. of Longview Beef Jerky consumed.

A huge thank you to Longview Jerky Shop for the world's best beef jerky! It became one of the comfort foods that helped sustain Paul throughout the entire race.