Letting Universal Forces Come

Inspiration comes forth from within. It’s what the light burning within you is about, as opposed to motivation, which is doing it because if you don’t do it, there will be negative repercussions. Motivation is making myself do something that I don’t really want to do. Inspiration is having the clear picture of what I am wanting—and letting Universal forces come into play to get the outcome.



My Life Works

When you look at what is working, then you generate a vibration within you that says my life works, and then, in everything that you approach — your life works.

You could have ninety-nine things not working in your life and only one thing working, and if you would focus upon the one thing that is going right, for a disproportionate amount of time, saying “my life works; my life works; my life works...” the other 99 things would fall in line with what is working.

So when we say to count your blessings or look at the positive aspects, that’s just about deliberately activating what is working in your life. Because when you do that, you get more and more, and more of that. That’s how the better it gets, the better it gets — the better it gets. That’s when it’s easy to accept that Well-Being is the order of this Universe.



In Optimism, There is Magic!

It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone.



This I Beheld

"...The understanding which love produces can be used for power of the push-button type; such automatic and efficient power has social value only when its use is confined to the service which love seeks to perform in the world. The capacity for responsibility which power creates can be used to arouse sentimental love and dogmatic adherence to principle; feelings taken for granted in this way have social meaning only when they unite people who are cooperating already in the exploitation of genuine opportunities.
Aggressive power is derived from love which turns selfish and loses its sense of service; knowledge then becomes a tool of irresponsible willfulness. Passive love, on the other hand, is derived from power which turns toward vanity and loses its capacity for seeking genuine opportunity; ability then becomes a play-thing of ignorant self-consciousness..."
from..."This I Beheld"
A Psychological Analysis of the Growth of the Masculine Ideal in Civilization, with Application to Selected Writings of Homer, Shakespeare, and Joseph Conrad [1961, unfinished]

by Paul Rosenfels

Happiness ...

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don’t allow the happy moment, because they’re so busy trying to get a happy life.

The Holographic Universe
"In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker's adventure begins when a beam of light shoots out of the robot, R2-D2, and projects a miniature three-dimensional image of Princess Leia. Luke watches spellbound as the ghostly sculpture of light begs for someone named Obi-wan Kenobi to come to her assistance. The image is a hologram, a three-dimensional picture made with the aid of a laser, and the technological magic required to make such images is remarkable. But what is even more astounding is that some scientists are beginning to believe the universe itself is a kind of giant hologram, a splendidly detailed illusion no more or less real than the image of Princess Leia that starts Luke on his quest.

Put another way, there is evidence to suggest that our world and everything in it -- from snowflakes to maple trees to falling stars and spinning electrons -- are also only ghostly images, projections from a level of reality so beyond our own it is literally beyond both space and time..."

...from the introduction to Michael Talbot's book, "The Holographic Universe."

Goin' Home

We've Got A Home To Go To
(and It's Called Paradise)

“We have reached the point in the cycle of evolution within the multiscreen cinema when a fantastic shift is taking place. The Third and Fourth Dimensions of consciousness are merging into the Fifth Dimension. It is like a ladder being pulled up until, eventually, the whole vortex/pyramid returns to Oneness. The structure which creates each of the dimensions is an energy “net” or “web” called a matrix. You might think of it as the steel structure of a building. The multiscreen cinema is a series of matrixes or energy grids interconnecting with each other. The whole “building” (vortex) is one matrix and so is each dimension, galaxy, solar system, universe, and planet within that overall structure. The human body is also a matrix and the energy lines of the body matrix provide the basis of the ancient healing art of acupuncture. Again, you could relate this matrix structure to those Russian dolls, one inside the other, with the biggest one encompassing all of them.

The matrix energy web sets the format and nature of each dimension, universe, galaxy, solar system and planet, and everything that exists within them. It is a gigantic thought form created by Oneness. It’s the movie screen, if you like. The matrix is the blueprint, the “computer” program, which creates and holds together this three-dimensional world and interconnects with all the other matrix levels. When a matrix changes, everything within it changes, and our matrix is changing…now! In fact they all are, on every level of the vortex and we are heading for a fantastic multidimensional galactic orgasm.”

(David Icke)


Waving Signs About Cucumbers

There is a big mix out there, and there’s lots of different things going on, and there is not one way that was intended to be the right way. Just like there’s not one color or one flower or one vegetable or one fingerprint. There is not one that is to be the right one over all others. The variety is what fosters the creativity.

And so you say, “Okay, I accept that there’s lots of variety, but I don’t like to eat cucumbers.” Don’t eat cucumbers. But don’t ask them to be eliminated and don’t condemn those who eat them. Don’t stand on corners waving signs trying to outlaw the things that you don’t like. Don’t ruin your life by pushing against. Instead, say, “I choose this instead. This does please me.



On Your Path to Happiness

You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy. No one can limit where you can direct your thought. There are no limits to your joyous journeys to experience. On the path to your happiness you will discover all that you want to be or do or have. (Allowing others their experiences allows you yours.)
- Abraham-Hicks -


What Part Do You Want To Play?

Two statements that will serve you very well.

The first is: There will always be war. There will always be those who aggravate within others a sense of trouble in order to promote the solution that they already have their mind made up about. And so you’re never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is "the way." There will always be disagreements; therefore, there will always be turmoil; there will always be war.

The other statement, that is our favorite, is, Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being. So, you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align. The thing that we think is at the heart of this discussion, is my own personal power. We think that’s what you are, sort of, struggling for and reaching for.


Conclude Anything...

In the same way that you can feel fed or hungry, or all-is-well or thirsty, or that you prefer that to that—every particle of the Universe is discerning, similar to that. And every time contrast causes any consciousness to conclude anything, that conclusion is then answered by that Stream. The evolution of the species is exactly about this: In the way the Universe is established, as each consciousness is selfishly reaching for that which feels best—the whole benefits from that.



Magnifying Glass

You look out into your society and you see things you don’t want, and you say, “Oh, we need to keep track of those things we do not want.” And we say, why not tell it like it is? I’m looking out into society and I’m finding things I don’t want, and then I’m subscribing to cable news; I’m subscribing to newspapers; I’m subscribing to information that goes all around the world and looks for things that aren’t working well. And then I hold my magnifying glass on them and look at them, too, so that I can be sure that I can recreate those unwanted things in my experience.

Now, we have to admit, we are exaggerating things a little bit, because, fortunately, you have so many things to look at so there are many wonderful things that you give your attention to that you recreate constantly. Many of your expectations are serving you very well. Look at the lifestyle that you are living. It is amazing, by world standards, the things you have come to expect, and therefore, the things that you hold stable and constant in your vibration, which you continue to recreate.



Who I Really Am in This Moment

“Allowing” means, how much of who I really am, I’m allowing—by my choice of thought—to be present in this moment. When you’re ornery, you’re pinching some of it off. That’s why you feel ornery. When you’re allowing who you really are to flow, you feel good. You feel as we feel: You feel clear; you feel sure; you feel invincible; you feel powerful; you feel eager; you feel adventurous; you feel kind; you feel willing; you feel compassionate; you feel understanding—you feel like giving others the benefit of the doubt.


Sexual Feeling

The hypocrisy around the subject of sexuality is huge. Early on, there were others who were a lot more interested in you satisfying what made them feel good than in satisfying what made you feel good. There were so many things that you felt inclined to go this way, that you were forced to go that way, that at an early age, you made a conscious decision that if it felt good, it was wrong. And if it felt wrong, it was probably right.


Find Something to Be Happy About

With each moment of bliss, more of that which you’ve identified as your desire flows to you, until another moment of bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems as if the entire Universe revolves around you;...and it does.



Segment Intending

(Answering someone's question) You have an old habit of always saying "yes." You have an old habit of saying "yes," even to your own detriment. And you also have a habit of seeking approval from others. And so you have pretty well got both of those hindrances very well adapted into your experience.

Here is the way you get rid of it: by Segment Intending, by doing more deliberate intending of what you want.

Have you ever walked through a busy shopping center, or an airport or any place where there is a crowd of people, and you're undecided where you're going? You're just sort of waltzing through. Do you notice how many people get in your way and how they bump into you? You are buffeted about. But take the same situation, but where you are moving with purpose, do you not notice that they get out of your way? As you are in the flow of things, it is as if you have the whole place to yourself. You find yourself really enjoying the challenge of your agility. You are understanding?

Well, that is what Segment Intending will do for you, if you will stop, anytime you realize you are going into a new segment - which simply means a block of time when your intentions are different - if you will stop and say.. "What am I wanting to feel in this segment? What am I wanting to have? What am I wanting to do?" It will come forth to you, very quickly, and then you will not be swept up by the influence of someone else's intentions. If you're not deliberate, and they are, they'll over power you every time. It is Law. It is momentum. You are getting the point?

Good. This powerful Energy that comes forth from Non-physical is there for all of you. And the way that you utilize it affects your experience.

When what you want and what you expect are all going in the same direction, you are so powerful that nobody can dissuade you. Nobody that is out of harmony. And that is not a bad thing, for what happens is, you begin attracting those who are in harmony.



Vibrate in a Nice Place

Try to vibrationally project energy about nice people and about beautiful things, and about friendly animals and about good flowing traffic, and about happy comfortable clothes and about beautiful surroundings, and about good food and about delicious relationships.

Stand in line in the post office basking in the deliciousness of something. Drive in your car basking in the deliciousness of something. Sit on an airplane basking in the deliciousness of it. Every time you achieve that mental imagery, you vibrate there, just for a little bit, which means the Universe sees that as you. Your point of attraction begins to shift again and again, and again and again as your Well-Being is known not only to you but the entire Universe. You begin emitting such a vibration of Well-Being that only Well-Being can be your experience because Law of Attraction says, “It must be so.” You see? And then somebody says, “Where are you going?” And you say, “Oh, I’m on my way to a fantastic house, to a delicious relationship, to a perfect car, to healthy, thriving body.” And they say, “Well, you’re not there yet.” And you say, “I didn’t say I was there, I said I’m on my way there.”



Your Choices...

Your choices of action may be limited.
But, your choices of thought are not.


If You Want More Money to Come

If you want more money to come, you’ve got to find some way of getting off the subject of not enough money, and the easiest way we’ve ever seen to do that is to get in the mode of appreciating the money that is coming. Or, get off that subject and get on a subject that you are in the allowing mode about…

So how do you know whether you’re in the allowing mode of what you’ve been asking for? It’s easy. The allowing mode feels like fun, feels like joy, feels like love, feels good. The resistant mode feels like tension, feels like hate, feels like anger, feels bad. You can tell whether you are in the allowing, or resistant, mode by the way you feel.

Meditation is the ultimate allowing place, because there is no contradictive thought. Appreciation is a tremendous allowing space—in appreciation you are lined up with that which is your Source.



I Got the Best Thing in Motion Last Night

“We must face reality!” is what society screams at you, and we say, if you do, you can only get more of the same. You are visionaries. You are creators. You see. And the more of it you do, the better you’ll get at it, and the better you are at it, the more you’ll want to do it, until you’ll find yourself awakening in the middle of the night and rather than beating up on yourself for not being asleep, you’ll say, “Ah, there must be some reason I’m awake. What might I ponder now.” And you’ll just lie there, and when you meet your mate in the morning, you’ll say, “I had the most wonderful experience last night.”

Just like when you come home from Paris you tell your friends how good it is. When you come out of one of your envisioning sessions, you’ll say, “Oh, I had the best vision. Oh, Oh, did I have the...” Rather than “Oh, I saw the best movies where I sat and responded to what somebody else wanted to evoke from me.” Or “Oh, I saw the most horrible thing on television or I saw the best thing on television.” What you’re saying is, “Oh, I got the best thing in motion last night. I brought so many things that I wanted into one time and place that I found a feeling place beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. You’ll even find yourself saying, “Doesn’t matter if I ever live it or not, I had a good time last night. The reality of it couldn’t have been any better than this.” Getting the sense of what we are talking about?

We want you to utilize the enormous Nonphysical staff more efficiently. We want you to recognize that it is there for you, and we want you to make your statements of desire, make your demands to the Universe, from a place of absolute knowing that you deserve it and that it is there for you. Most of you have not been making demands because in your humility you do not think you should. We’re not trying to guide you towards mansions or toward opulence. We’re not trying to guide you toward anything except knowledge that the Stream is there for you to do with it whatever you choose.


Percolating Along

We want your unfulfilled desires to feel good to you, because, well, there are two reasons: If you cannot make peace with where you are, then the unfulfilled desires are very slow in becoming fulfilled because that angst you feel about things not yet happening, is an indication of a vibration that’s literally holding it apart, from you.

So, when you’re sick and you want to be well, and you’ve been sick for a long time and it doesn’t seem like you’re getting better, or when you have one of those diagnoses that says you’re probably not going to get better, and so, instead of feeling hopeful, you feel fearful— improvement is very hard to come. In fact, it cannot come under those conditions.

The vibrational difference between feeling hopeful and feeling fearful is the difference between getting well and not getting well. It’s the difference between holding this condition on and on and on, or letting it go.

So, in the same way, we say, your current financial affairs could be not good. You could have more bills than you have income. You could have people hounding you on the telephone or beating on your door every day… And we say, so that’s what-is; that’s the action journey that you are upon. But you could have that financial condition percolating along and you could feel hopeful, or, you could have that condition percolating along and you could feel fearful. And the difference between fearful and hopeful is the difference between things improving for you.

This is a Vibrational Universe and you are Vibrational Beings.



Let It In

The art of letting it in says, “Well-being abounds, and I’m a worthy receiver of it. And when I think that thought, I don’t let it in. When I think that thought, I let it in a little more. And when I think that thought, I really let it in. I choose that thought.” Do I choose that thought because it is reality? Do I choose that thought because my parents agree with it? No, but I choose that thought because it lets it in.

Do I choose that thought because statistics say it’s the truth? Do I choose that thought because a lot of wise people choose that thought and therefore it must be a good thought? No, I choose that thought for only one reason: in choosing that thought, I feel better. This thought feels better than that thought. This thought feels better than that thought.

The Art of Choosing Thoughts That Feel Better

So, “I’m a good person. I have so much to learn.” Did one statement feel better than the other? “I am incomplete. I’m an eternal being.” One thought feel better than the other? “There is sickness in my body. My body’s ever-changing.” “There is sickness in my body. The Universe yields to my vibration.” “I don’t have enough money. The Manager is lining things up.” “I don’t know where to go. I will find the way.” “No one really understands me. It’s not their job.” “I don’t like the way you treat me. Law of Attraction is matching us up.” “I can’t be happy if you do that. I’m the creator of my own experience.”
It is not difficult for you to tell which thought feels better, is it? Those were similar vibrations, and yet you were able to discern a marked difference in the way they felt. You are students of Deliberate Creation. You are in an advanced arena. You are doing enormously well. Have fun with all of this. Be easy about it. There are no trials. You cannot get it wrong, and you will never get it done.

Make a decision that in this moment, in this one, “I’m going to look for an excuse to let it in.”



This Very Important Moment

The Art of Allowing is about paying attention to the way that you feel in any moment. This moment is a very important moment because in this moment, where all of your feeling is, is where all of your power is. In this moment you hold the vibrational leverage to allow the Well-being that you want and deserve, or not. No one else that you have ever known, whether it is government or that which you call God, certainly not your family or peers, no one has the ability to pinch off the Well-being that flows to you. Only you.

This moment is a very important moment because in this moment where all of your feeling is, is where all of your power is.

“In terms of in this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I letting in my abundance when I’m dissatisfied with my current financial state of being? No. I’m not letting in more Well-being when I am feeling unhappy with the Well-being that exists.



Try and Try Again

I went up on the mountain
And I looked down on my life
I had squandered all my money
Lost my son and wife.
And my heart was filled with sorrow
And I almost took my life
But I found the strength inside me
To give life one more try.

If at first you don't succeed
Just try and try again
If at first you don't succeed
Well, try and try again.
And if all you do is lose
You'd better find a way to win
If at first you don't succeed
Just try and try again.

I know someday the world will learn
To sing a better song
The lame will walk, the mute will talk
We all will sing along.
The fighting will be ended
And the hunger will be gone
It's everybody's business
'Til we get the good work done.

If at first you don't succeed
Just try and try again
If at first you don't succeed
Well, try and try again.
And if all you do is lose
You'd better find a way to win
If at first you don't succeed
Well, try and try again.

If at first you don't succeed
Just try and try and try again
If at first you don't succeed
Try and try again.
And if all you do is lose
You'd better find a way to win
If at first you don't succeed
Well, try and try again.

I know someday, I say I know someday
That deaf man gonna hear the blind man's song
Someday the whole world gonna grow new eyes
To see, new ears to hear. We're all gonna sing along.
And our point of view is going to grow into a
Pure perfect one.
And the voice of truth inside us all
Is gonna help us sing that song.

If at first you don't succeed brother, sister
Try and try and try again.
Amen. Amen.
Keep on trying.
You can do it.
Sometime you don't know why you're trying
Keep trying anyway.
You can make it. You can do whatever you want to.
Just keep trying.
But you gotta keep trying.
Try and try again.
God bless all of you.
Thank you.

-Billie Joe Shaver-

Thrive Fully...

The best you can do for anyone is to thrive fully and be willing to explain to anyone who asks how it is that you are thriving, and what it is that you’ve discovered—and then, just relax and trust that all truly is well.

6 Mistakes of Man (or Woman)
1. The delusion that personal gain is made by crushing others.

2. The tendency to worry about things that cannot be changed or corrected.

3. Insisting that a thing is impossible because we cannot accomplish it.

4. Refusing to set aside trivial preferences.

5. Neglecting development and refinement of the mind, and not acquiring the habit
of reading or studying.

6. Attempting to compel others to believe and live as we do.


Talk About That Good Thing a Thousand Times

There is something in most of you that says “I don’t think I should allow it to be absolutely easy because a part of me seems to want to justify my Well-Being by a little bit of struggle… as if it’s not right for me to have any great success without, at least, a little bit of suffering.” And we say, no suffering is of any value.

You don’t have to go the hard way to things, but you do have to go from wherever you are. If one good thing happens today and a hundred bad things, talk about that good thing a thousand times--and talk not about any of the bad things. Play the good-feeling things over and over in your mind--emphasize everything that feels good.

The Universe has understood the things you have been asking for and is answering perfectly. And if you won’t work to orchestrate the how and where and when, and who, but instead work to be in the receiving mode--as you practice rampages of appreciation, and as you collect fun things and beautiful things and use them to become an Ambassador of Well-Being—the things you have been asking for will unfold in a continuum of extraordinary life experience. Those who don’t yet know what you now know will stand flabbergasted as they see the stunning unfolding of your life experience. You’ve just got to get happy--that’s all it takes.



You Are Free

Whatever you are giving your attention to is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, you include it in your vibration. You can choose something that causes you to reverberate in such fantastic harmony with your Source, that your heart is singing all the time—or you can choose something to focus upon that is gut-wrenching, or unsettling. You do have those choices. And the more you deliberately exercise those choices—and choose those things that feel good and therefore connect you with the whole of who you are—then the less inclined you are to try to control the conditions around you. And that’s a happy day for you.

When you discover that it is not your work to control the conditions around you—you are finally free. It’s good for those around you, too. Because nothing is more frustrating for you, than to need to do the impossible. When you want to control the conditions, and you can’t, because you can’t, and then you are frustrated because you can’t; but you need to in order to feel good—you’re sort of a prickly sort of being and hard to be around.

When you discover the freedom of choosing thought which connects you with who you are and causes you to radiate the powerful Pure Positive Energy that is You, your heart is singing—and you are so good to be with.


The Heart of The New Thought

These poem excerpts were originally posted
at Cybrarian by White Light Black Light
Click on the poem titles below for further information.

The Heart of The New Thought
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Our thoughts are shaping unmade spheres,
And, like a blessing or a curse,
They thunder down the formless years
And ring throughout the universe.

The more we realize the tremendous responsibility of our mental emanations the better for the world and ourselves. The sooner we teach little children what a mighty truth lies in the Bible phrase "As a man thinketh, so is he," the better for future generations. If a man thinks sickness, poverty and misfortune, he will meet them and claim them all eventually as his own.

That which we pity we cannot hate. The wonderful Intelligence which set this superb system of worlds in action must have been inspired by love for all it created. So much grandeur and magnificence, so much perfection of detail, could only spring from Love. Whatever is out of harmony in our little world has been caused by man's substituting hate and fear for love and faith.

Every time we allow either hate or fear to dominate our minds we disarrange the order of the universe and make trouble for humanity, and ourselves. It may be a little late in reaching us, but it is sure to come back to the Mind which sent forth the cause.

Every time we entertain thoughts of love, sympathy, forgiveness and faith we add to the well-being of the world, and create fortunate and successful conditions for ourselves. Those, too, may be late in coming to us -- BUT THEY WILL COME.


The Heart Of The New Thought (...continued)
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

1. Let the Past Go

Do not begin the new year by recounting to yourself or others all your losses and sorrows. Let the past go.

Should some good friend present you with material for a lovely garment, would you insult her by throwing it aside and describing the beautiful garments you had worn out in past times?

The new year has given you the fabric for fresh start in life, why dwell upon the events which have gone, the joys, blessings and advantages of the past!

Do not tell me it is too late to be successful or happy. Do not tell me you are sick or broken in spirit; the spirit cannot be sick or broken, because it is of God.

It is your mind which makes your body sick. Let the spirit assert itself and demand health and hope and happiness in this new year.

Forget the money you have lost, the mistakes you have made, the injuries you have received, the disappointments you have experienced.

Real sorrow, the sorrow which comes from the death of dear ones, or some great cross well borne, you need not forget. But think of these things as sent to enrich your nature, and to make you more human and sympathetic. You are missing them if you permit yourself instead to grow melancholy and irritable.

It is weak and unreasonable to imagine destiny has selected you for special suffering. Sorrow is no respecter of persons. Say to yourself with the beginning of this year that you are going to consider all your troubles as an education for your mind and soul; and that out of the experiences which you have passed through you are going to build a noble and splendid character, and a successful career.

Do not tell me you are too old. Age is all imagination. Ignore years and they will ignore you.

Eat moderately, and bath freely in water as cold as nature's rainfall. Exercise thoroughly and regularly.

Be alive, from crown to toe. Breathe deeply, filling every cell of the lungs for at least five minutes, morning and night, and when you draw in long, full breaths, believe you are inhaling health, wisdom and success.

Anticipate good health. If it does not come at once, consider it a mere temporary delay, and continue to expect it.

Regard any physical ailment as a passing inconvenience, no more. Never for an instant believe you are permanently ill or disabled.

The young men of France are studying alchemy, hoping to learn the secret of the transmutation of gold. If you will study your own spirit and its limitless powers, you will gain a greater secret than any alchemist ever held; a secret which shall give you whatever you desire.

Think of your body as the silver jewel box, your mind as the silver lining, your spirit as the gem. Keep the box burnished and clear of dust, but remember always that the jewel within is the precious part of it.

Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole, clear, glorious year lies before you! In a year you can regain health, fortune, restfulness, happiness!

Push on! Achieve, achieve!


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The Way the Power of Influence Works is This:

The way the power of influence works is this:

Let us say you walk into a room. Now, let us say that on the night before, you went to bed and you spent some time basking and appreciating. You spent some time observing that which is in vibrational harmony with your Source Energy so that you were reverberating the Pure Positive Energy of your Source.

Now, you walk into a room the next day and you see someone grieving or struggling or complaining, and as you are connected to your Pure Positive Energy, your vibration in connection with Source Energy dominates the vibration of the room so that those people who always without exception have some vibrational sympathy with this vibration of Well-being, they are more likely to join you in your triumphant vibration.

Let’s say, instead though, you got up, you didn’t bask, you didn’t visualize, you didn’t focus, you just observed. You turned on the television, observed, whatever. You observed. And so your vibration is sort of all over the place depending on what you are observing. Now you walk into a room, not particularly or even well-connected at all with your Source Energy, then you observe somebody in struggle and you easily join them in their vibration of struggle.

The way you help someone is by maintaining your connection, maintaining your vibrational match to Source Energy. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to appear cold or uncaring in your joy about your own father’s death. What it means is that you are all right about it. Imagine that you are doodling in your notebook. Now you can use this Creation Box in three different ways. You’ll probably think of more. Actually get a box and tear things out or doodle on cards or put pictures in it. Drop things in the box or sketch in your notebook. Draw an arena. Whether it is round or square, it doesn’t matter, a creative arena on your page and then doodle in it. Draw yourself there. And over there in another place, draw your mother. And draw rainbows representing future happiness and dollar signs representing continued success and draw other people around her buoying her. You could even draw outside of the arena, people on their way to her, people coming to fill in the gap that she is currently feeling so strongly. Future mate on the way, future feeling of security on the way.

You see, you’ve got a choice. Here is the most powerful statement that we can make to you and, we want you to take it in full. The Universe does not know or care if your vibrational offering—your point of attraction—is as a result of something you are observing or something that you are visualizing, but in either case it accepts it as your point of attraction and responds accordingly.

It is delicious to recognize that you have the ability to assist others, but, friends, if you see someone as broken, you make a vibrational match to something other than creative Energy—and you have not much to give.



You Have Creative Control of Your Life

Do you believe that when things happen around you, and as you observe them, that those things cause you to vibrate, and therefore you have no control of the way you feel?

If we were to poll the majority of your population, they would answer yes to that. Most would say, “I look out into my world, and I see things which affect the way I feel. And therefore, if I had some measure of control over those things, then I might feel better.”

To Control Conditions?
And we say, you might if you could do that, but from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, you don’t even want to do that. You do not want to control or limit conditions or possibilities, because you understand that this Universe, in which you and we are all focused, is vibrationally based and is managed by Law of Attraction.

So, since you can control that which you give your attention to, you can control what your vibrational output is, therefore you can control what Law of Attraction matches you up with. Can you hear the difference?

One way says, “I look out and I see bad things and I feel bad, so let’s do something about controlling the bad things so that I can feel good.” You’ve been working on that for eons--how is it working out?

Selective Focusing?
The other approach that we are really selling to you here is, “I am a Vibrational Being and I vibrate because of that which I give my attention to. So as I am more selective about that which I focus upon, then I have a measure of control of what my vibrational offering is, because, as I give my attention to something, I include it in my vibration. And as I begin to more selectively choose that which I remember, or that which I focus upon in my now, or that which I contemplate into my future--as I more specifically focus, then I more specifically, deliberately vibrate, and as I more deliberately vibrate, then I have deliberate creative control of my own experience--because the Law of Attraction is matching my vibration to me.

As I deliberately vibrate, I have deliberate creative control.

Vibrational Control?
Ah, it is so much simpler to control your vibration than it is to control the world. And since you, now in your time/space reality, have visual, sensual interaction worldwide, and since you have a news mechanism in place, believing that it is to your advantage that they point out everything going wrong, there has never been a better time in all of the history of physical Beings, focused in this time/space reality, to make a decision that: “Nothing is more important than that I feel good, therefore nothing is more important than that I learn creative control of my own vibration.”

A Guidance System?
As you look out into the world and you see unwanted things and you shout no at them, you’re actually, for the time of your attention to them, including them in your vibration. As you look out into the world and you see things that you shout yes at, you are including those in your vibration. And so, most of you, by virtue of your ability to observe, have quite a mixture of vibration. Some of it serves you well, and some of it does not, and it is fortunate that you have within you a Guidance System (your emotions) that lets you know which part is which. You can tell the parts of your gaze or focus or attention or comments or memories or speculations or imaginations, or observations which are serving you in the moment of them, and you can tell which of those objects of attention are not serving you well--by the way you feel.

Achieve Worthiness?
Because you live in a Universe that is freedom-based, you get to give your attention to anything that you choose. Because you live in a Universe that is joy-based, in a Universe that, at the basis of it, is utter Well-being, Well-being flows abundantly. It is your legacy. It is your birthright. It is what is natural unto you. It is not something that you must earn. It is something that you already deserve. It is not something that you have to achieve worthiness of--you are already worthy of it.

To Start Over?
Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is a wonderful thing, because it is responding to the vibration that is within you. And sometimes we know that you feel like you wish you could start over. You wish you could be rid of opinions and attitudes, and points of frustration. You wish that you didn’t have to have had that experience that now is affecting the way you feel.

And we’re wanting you to take delight in every experience that you have lived, because out of it has been born the new preference. And as you begin, more and more, to turn your attention to the new preference, then the things that you are specifically choosing will dominate the patterns that are unfolding in your experience, and you will proudly proclaim yourself the deliberate creator of your experience.

How does one go about gaining creative control of one’s experience?

To Gain Control?
It is a wonderful thing to gain creative control of your vibration. We like the ring of those words. Do you? “To gain creative control of my experience.” How does one go about gaining creative control of one’s experience? By directing thought. By choosing what you think about. More importantly, by choosing how you want to feel.

Pretend that you are a director, a creative director of a movie project, and there is an audience that will be viewing your product. So you decide in advance how you want this audience to feel. If you want them to be frightened, you make a really scary setting. You make it dark. You might even make it dirty or uncomfortable. If you want your audience to feel light-hearted and laugh, you might make it in a bright, happy setting.

You would set the place, and the time of day, and you would adjust the lights to create the mood. And then you would parade your characters across the screen, and your characters would have definite personalities. And in their personalities they would interplay with one another. And in their interplay they would exchange words--and you would affect the response of your audience.

In like manner, we’re suggesting that you decide to gain dominant control of your vibrational offering by setting some scenes of your own. And we suggest really quick scene-setting, about 30 seconds is really good, where you decide where it will be, choosing, hopefully, something that feels good to you. You decide what the time of day is so that you set the lighting and evoke the mood from yourself. You then identify how you feel, even putting words to it, maybe even remembering things like it. Then you decide who else is going to be there with you, and you give them their attitudes or moods. And then you exchange just a few brief words--and in doing so, you affect your vibration.

We’ve called this using your imagination; and we’ve called it a Creative Workshop. Today we are calling it Virtual Reality.

We have noticed that most of you are vibrating in response to what is happening around you, but very few of you are deliberately conjuring images that cause you to offer a vibration. And in order to be the deliberate creator of your vibration, you have to be able to deliberately conjure some vibrations. The reason that we are encouraging this process of Virtual Reality is because that’s the way you make a dominant vibration dominant on purpose.

It’s all happening because of your dominant vibrations.

The Virtual Reality Process is for one purpose only, and that is to practice a vibration and make it dominant. Everything that’s happening in your life is because of whatever vibration is dominant. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make the vibration dominant on purpose? Wouldn’t it be nice that instead of vibrating as you learned to vibrate from your mother when you were 4, (and without knowing it you’ve just continued to practice that, so it still dominates your vibration today. So something that you’ve picked up a long time ago that doesn’t have anything to do with who you now are or what you now want, is still controlling the way people respond to you, and controlling things that come to you, and controlling the way your body works and looks) wouldn’t it be nice if you could today make another decision about how you want to attract, and make that vibration dominant? Don’t you think it’s worth a little bit of effort? We do.

You now have creative control of your Life Experience.

We want to remind you that the purpose of the Virtual Reality is for one purpose only: to cause you to offer a vibration that is dominant on purpose. And here’s what we mean by this:

How Money Feels?
When you think about most subjects, you already have a dominant vibration relative to those subjects. We’ll show you what we mean. When you think about the subject of dollars, abundance, money, do you feel more adventurous, exhilarated, excited, unlimited? Or do you feel more worried, concerned, frustrated, limited? You know.

Sometimes you say, “Well, it’s a little of both.” And we say, if it’s a little of both, that’s good, because you can choose which you want it to be. But most of you know, easily, as we throw out those possibilities, where your dominant vibration about the subject of money is.

How Relationship Feels?
Relationships. Does your dominant relationship feel like fresh air, joy, expansion, freedom, exhilaration? Or does it feel like hard work, “I’m always in trouble,” struggle? You know. You can tell.

How My Body Feels?
When you think about your physical body, does it feel vital and alive and flexible and eager? Or do you feel about your body, pensive, uncertain, insecure, not sure? You know. When you think about your physical appearance or weight, do you feel frisky and hardy and adorable and perfect? Or do you feel inadequate, flawed, needy, broken?

Bickering or Cooing?
You can practice Virtual Reality and cause different activations within you. In other words, we throw out a game like this, like feeling where you are relative to these aspects, and you can feel, but even more importantly, you see the manifestation of it. In other words, are you bickering all the time? Or are you cooing all the time? Are you romping and feeling good: or are you feeling guilty when you eat?

Enjoying Your Life?
Are you enjoying the aspects of your life as they unfold relative to these subjects: or are you not enjoying the aspects of your life as they unfold relative to these subjects? You can tell by the way you’ve been feeling. And what we are suggesting to you here, in the most powerful way that we could ever suggest it, because it is our absolute knowing, is that you have creative control of your life experience; you just have not been exercising it--because you have let what you’ve been observing be the reason for the dominant vibration.

What Affects You?
It’s why so many of you form relationships; they’re good in the beginning, then they go sour, and then you reach for another; they’re good in the beginning, then they go sour--and it is because most of you are not doing anything about stabilizing your own dominant thoughts. You’re just letting whatever floats across your “television screen,” so to speak, affect the way you feel. You have become audiences that have watched what’s happening. Audiences that have allowed others to make a decision how you will feel.

Esther can tell, when she hears the music; she will say, “Oh, it’s going to get scary, I don’t want to watch it.” Or, “Oh, it’s turning to an unhappy place, I don’t want to watch it.” In other words, she wants to watch it when the music is happy, because the potential of something happy is more probable.

You Have The Ability
You have the ability to deliberately activate within yourself vibrations. It doesn’t matter where you stand on any issue that is important to you, you have the ability, with a little bit of work, a little bit of consistent work, of shifting the way you feel and therefore shifting your point of attraction, and therefore shifting every relationship with every other Being, and every relationship with your own physical body, and every relationship with economic conditions...!

You will never stop wanting to adjust or amend.
You will never get it done.

You Can Change It!
You can change everything! You can modify everything that touches you into that which pleases you, explicitly. We just have one small warning: You will never get it done. You will never stop wanting to adjust or amend. And that’s the fun, when you get the hang of this; when you begin to understand that you can control the way you feel, then you get this constant feedback of what comes back to you. And if something comes back that doesn’t feel all that good--then you just amend your Virtual Reality.



Your action 
has nothing
 to do with 
your abundance!

Your abundance is a response 
to your vibration.

Of course,
 your belief is part 
of your vibration.

So, if you believe that action 
is part of what brings your abundance, 
then you’ve got to unravel that.



The best thing that you can do for others is: 

to hold to your ideas in a pure (joyous) way, and demonstrate how the Universe will yield — so that everyone can understand that if they can choose it, they can have it.

The only time anyone would ever not go along with something that you want, is if they think that your getting it would deprive them of something they want.

And, in time, you can offer an example that lets people know that there is no deprivation. There is nobody being kept from getting what they want. It’s all self-inflicted.

If somebody else doesn’t get something, it’s not because you or anyone kept them from it. It’s because they are holding themselves in a vibration that is disallowing it.

Esther Hicks

Vibrations, It's All About Vibrations.

Are you knowing what you are wanting, and are you enjoying desire pulsing within you? If you are, then you are somewhere in the vibrational proximity of your desire. If your desire is not pleasing you so much it only means that, for whatever reason, you have not yet achieved a close vibrational harmony with your desire. For when you find up-close vibrational to your own desire, then your desire feels satisfying; it feels interesting; it feels life-giving. And the further you are—in vibrational proximity—from your own desire, then the more it aggravates you and the more uncomfortable you feel.

So, if you find yourself wanting to think about the things you want and wanting to talk about them with others, if the desire is calling your interest and calling your attention and calling your action, then you’re pretty well lined up with it, and it is unfolding. But if it feels like work; if you’re thinking about your desire because you have been told that goal-setting is important and that Deliberate Creation is about thinking about what you want; if it feels like you are making it happen rather than letting it happen, then there may still be some resistance within your vibration.

It is interesting as we hear this buzz in your meeting room because it is almost the same sort of thing that happens in your body. It is something that is vibrationally not in alignment. In this room you hear it in the electrical system and the sound system, but each of you has that same awareness, that vibrational sensing, when things are out of alignment within you.

But sometimes you just get used to the buzz; it’s been there for as long as you can remember it . . . you don’t quite know what to do about it, and so, you just acclimate to the buzz of the resistance rather than releasing the resistance and bringing yourself into alignment with your own desire.

Vibrational alignment: that is what everything is about. You are flesh, blood and bone, yes you are. You can see it; you can pinch it; you can lick it; you can see the physicalness of your Being. But you are extensions of Source Energy, which means you are electronic Beings. You are vibrational, first and foremost.

Sometimes you’ll have a sensation in your body (you call it sickness maybe, or discomfort or uneasiness; you call it an imbalance) and your first assumption is, “Oh, I have a sickness,” or, “I have a virus,” or “Maybe I’m coming down with something; I think there is something of a physical nature that is wrong with me.” And then, you try to figure out what viruses are afoot and how you can immunize yourself against them. Or, you’re looking for something to soothe it; you’re looking for some sort of remedy. You wonder, Is it something I ate? Is it something that is going around? And we are in the background smiling but shouting: It is Energy! It is Energy! It is Energy!

Now, it might be Energy that is manifested into something that you would call sickness. In other words, dis-ease is just not-ease. Dis-ease is not allowing the ease that is natural to be—but everything is vibrational. And so, begin to pay attention to the way you feel. And when you hear a “buzz,” we would encourage you to do something about it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t accept it as normal. Don’t assume that it’s something outside of you that you cannot do anything about. Understand that whatever you are feeling is an indication of your vibrational countenance.

Now, why is that such a wonderful and such an important thing? It is because you are extensions of Source Energy. You have come into this physical body as the leading edge…hear that: the Leading Edge Extension of Source Energy. You are the further-most focus of this Energy that creates Worlds; you are creative genius and you have access to all of this Energy—and the way you create with it—the way you utilize it is through your attention.

Whatever you are giving your attention to is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, a reverberation between you and whatever you are focused upon takes place. You are like your wireless computer, and so you don’t have to plug yourself in with some wire in order to connect to the network which is Source Energy. So, as you connect to this Source Energy network, so to speak (in your wireless way) you can always tell what you are doing as this Leading Edge summoner of the Energy.

Now, let’s say you have an electric toaster and your 7-year-old child has taken it apart (had a good time doing it) but when he put it back together, he got some wires crossed inside. And when you plug your toaster in, exciting explosive things happen. And you say, “The toaster, which is the leading edge extension of the utilization of the electricity, was misaligned.” And we would like you to understand that you are the toaster, and that you always have access to this pure Energy Stream, but depending upon how you’re aligned in any moment, that’s what equals the way you feel.

The Stream is always perfect; the Stream is always Pure Positive Energy flowing toward you. But you have so much leeway, latitude, ability, flexibility . . . You have so much ability to align-misalign, align-misalign with this Energy Stream.

So, when you look at your dashboard on your vehicle and you focus upon your fuel gauge and it tells you that your tank is approaching empty, you don’t feel angry with the gauge. You don’t take a hammer and just beat it out of the dash because it told you something you did not want to know. You also don’t stick a “Happy Face” sticker over it so that you can’t see it. In other words, it seems fairly important to you to know the level of fuel in your tank. And when your tank is approaching empty, you do something about it.

See your emotions as a similar gauge. When your “tank” is full, you are aligned with your Source Energy; you are full of yourself. But when you are approaching empty, that’s where that orneriness, fitfulness, despair, depression . . . that’s where those strong negative emotions are. And so, when you feel an emotion, we want you to, first of all, appreciate the fact that you are feeling the emotion and then understand that your Guidance System is fulfilling its reason for being just as you knew that it would. It is giving you a clear, constant, always-accurate reading of your vibrational countenance.

Now, what does that “fuel gauge on empty” mean in terms of emotion? What does negative emotion mean? It means, whatever you’re focused upon has a vibration activated within you that’s enough off the signal of that which is your Source that you have introduced a “buzz” in your system. It doesn’t mean you’re going to die; It doesn’t mean terrible things are going to happen. Not right away. (Fun!) It means that you are disallowing the Well-Being that would be there, otherwise.

Now, you are an extension of Pure Positive Energy, and that Pure Positive Energy is the only Stream that flows and you are allowing it or not allowing it. You are allowing it a lot, or not allowing it very much . . . but whatever you are doing with the allowing of the Stream is what your emotions are telling you . . . negative emotion is your indication of the diminishment of the Stream of Well-Being that would be there if you weren’t thinking whatever thought you’re thinking that’s got that vibration going within you that gives you that negative emotion that is the sensation that is the indicator of what you are doing vibrationally.

Everything is about vibration, and everything you feel is related to what you are doing with vibration. But, we know, especially at first, when you hear some Non-physical “angel” expressing to you about vibration, (Fun!) we know that it can be a little off-putting because you are accustomed to approaching your world through your physical sense.

It does feel more logical to you, when you feel something in your body, to start looking for physical clues. But we want you to look for vibrational clues, because at the heart of everything that you are living is a vibration of alignment or a vibration of misalignment—and that is all there is.

So, your emotions are very important; your emotions are your Guidance; your emotions are your constant indicator; and as you make them your friend, and as you do not stick a “Happy Face” over them, but instead, you let them be the indicator that they are, and then you do something about improving your state of emotion—which means raising your vibration, which means lowering your resistance to your Source Energy vibration—now, you are a Deliberate Creator.

We want to point out that your “tank” can never really be empty. You can pinch it off pretty good, but you will never empty out. In an ultimate physical withdrawal you just re-emerge fully into Non-physical. In other words, when you die, your tank fills right up. Death is the ultimate fulfillment of your fuel tank.

We would just like you to discover (on a consistent basis, and without dying) a full extension of that Source Energy. And we know that the only way that you’re going to be able to consistently do that is by reading your vibration and knowing what the feeling of your vibration means—and then adjusting your thought for the purpose of finding the relief that releasing resistance always brings.

It is not vibrationally possible for you to jump from that place of depression into that place of empowerment just because your friend or counselor wants you to. It is vibrationally not possible because Law of Attraction will not let you make that kind of jump any more than you could set your radio on 98.6 and hear what is being broadcast on 101 FM—the frequencies have to match up. You have to be a vibrational match to what you’re reaching for, or you cannot be the receiver of it.

Step One is, you ask. Contrast helps you to ask all over the place. You never stop asking; you are asking endlessly. Step Two is, that which you are asking for is always given—every single time. Source hears your request, and answers every single time; there is not an exception to that. Step Three says, those who ask must vibrationally line up with that which they are asking for. In other words, you have to be in the vibrational proximity of your own desire if there is to be any evidence of movement toward your desire. Not because you have been bad in past lives, and not because you are inappropriate now, but for the simple fact that vibrations have to line up.

Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is this powerful, consistent Law and your very best friend because when you get a sense of what your vibration is, and when you pay attention to the way you feel so you can feel how much of who you really are you are focusing in this moment, then you will never again be uncomfortable or surprised about anything that happens to you, or to anyone else.

No one else is keeping you from anything that you want. There is not an agency, not a parent, not an influence, there is not another—nothing can prevent you from the fulfillment of your own desires—only you. And only you can do it through offering a vibration that is not in alignment with your desires. And, your emotions are telling you in every moment whether or not you are allowing or resisting, whether or not you are in alignment or misalignment with your own desires.

Understanding the Law of Attraction, and more importantly, understanding the way you feel, will give you creative abilities beyond your wildest dreams. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have; there is nothing that you cannot reach for and achieve—and there is nothing that needs to take a long time to come to you.

Source Energy is very fast-moving Energy, and manifestation is much faster in these days than it has ever been before. And it is time for you to reclaim your power by paying attention to whatever you are doing that is causing you to divert your power or to resist your power.

Pay attention to the way you feel. And make your essential, determined stance be that you’re going to make the best of things. That’s really the mantra that will put you on course: I’m going to make the best of this. No matter where I am, I’m going to make the best of it! Hear what that means: No matter where I am, if I make the best of it, it’s gotta get better. And then if I still make the best of it, it’s gotta get better. And if I still make the best of it, it’s gotta get even better. . . .

People are going to find you to be very nice to with. Children may be a little shocked as they discover you are not riding herd on their behavior so much. They will be delighted as they discover you are giving them an up-close example of someone who is joyous. Other’s will discover, through their exposure to you, their own joy—for you will teach through the clarity of your example.

You never teach anyone anything by pointing out what they’re doing wrong and then trying to discipline them into doing something that you believe is right. All you do is distort their awareness of the only Guidance that will ever be of any value to them.

No one else can evaluate anyone else’s Emotional Scale. It’s an inside job. It’s a personal job, and nobody else can do it.

Esther Hicks