13 Keys to Riches

A Visionary Thrives In All Times

We’re wanting to give you some formulas and processes to assist you in your deliberate creating. We notice that you are utilizing the contrast of your time and place well, because very often from the dramatic—sometimes very dramatic, sometimes less dramatic—contrasting experiences, you are coming to quicker awarenesses of what it is you are wanting.

We feel that eruption of desire—(a good word, “decision") coming forth within you. But then, often, even though the decision has come forth and the decision is loud and clear and you could speak it in words that anyone would understand, very often you are not vibrating anywhere near your own decision.

Now, the formula for Deliberate Creation, in very simple terms, says, “I will identify that which I am wanting,” which means make a decision, “and then I will achieve vibrational harmony with my own decision.” Now, what we mean by that is that in every moment that you are awake or conscious, you are literally radiating a signal, not so different from a radio signal, and the Universe accepts that signal as your point of attraction. Every moment that you are conscious or awake, you are literally pulsing an electronic vibration, and the entire Universe is accepting that electronic vibration as your point of attraction and is matching it with other things that are like it. What we’ve noticed is that, often, even though you are saying, “I want more money,” your signal is not in vibrational harmony with that. So your words are empty and hollow while your signal is actually often in direct opposition to the very thing you are saying you are wanting.

Every moment
you are pulsing
a vibration,
and the entire Universe
is accepting that
as your point of attraction
and is matching it.

Over the next few days, we would like you to hold in your mind a phrase, “Vibrational Match.” It’s an easier way of talking about Law of Attraction. In other words, that which is like unto itself is drawn.” So when I vibrationally match the vibration of my own desire, then there is no contradiction. There is no resistance. The Energy is pure. And when that happens, the Universe must deliver to me that which is in vibrational harmony with my desire, my decision and my point of attraction.

Most people don’t make it through a whole sentence without contradicting their desire. They will say, “Abraham, I want more money. I am so tired of the struggle.” For example, when you say, “I want a new red car,” the Universe responds to the vibration of your desire. But then when you say, “But it is too expensive,” the Universe responds to that vibration too. So now you have the Universe responding to two contradictory vibrations, so nothing changes for you.

The other phrase that we want you to hold in your mind for a few days is the phrase “purify my vibration.” And what we mean by that is simply getting your vibration all going in one direction. Once you’ve identified what you want, then your work is to offer a vibration that matches that—and you can tell by the way you feel whether you are matching that vibration or whether you are not. When you say, “I want a new red car because mine is a junker and won’t run,” can you feel the contradiction in the vibrations? What you are focused upon is not in vibrational harmony with that which you want. Or you say, “Oh, it is too expensive.” Or, “Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Or, “Oh, I am so unhappy...” In other words, even though you are using the word “want,” your vibration is not in harmony with want. Your vibration is in harmony with lack, with need, with not having what you want. As you do that, you sometimes, if you are paying attention to the way you feel, can feel the disharmony in the vibration. So then, you can soften that by saying things such as “Well, I don’t know how it’s going to come but I believe it will.” That’s a little bit better match. Or, “I see a lot of people with beautiful new cars and many of them are in the same situation that I am and so I know there must be a way.” That’s a better match. You can tell by the way you feel, what you’re doing with your vibrational alignment.

Once you’ve identified
what you want,
then your work is to offer
a vibration
that matches that --
and you can tell
by the way you feel
whether you are matching that vibration or not.

It is our wanting to assist you in recognizing where it is that you are vibrating, because in every moment, everything that is coming to you is coming in response to your vibrational output—every single thing.

The reason that most people do not do a very consistent job of matching the vibration of their own desire is because most people are such dogged observers. We have a very strong statement that we want to make here—two or three of them, in fact—just to get you sort of oriented in the direction of wanting to match your vibration. The most important thing that we will say to you is that no one, nothing, can deny you your desire. Only you can deny your own desire through contradictory vibration. In other words, no one has ever kept you from anything. Nobody’s keeping you from being rich and famous. Nobody’s keeping you from being well. No one but you. And the reason that you do it is because you observe things that cause you to offer a vibrational outpouring that doesn’t match the vibration of your own desire.

One who is predominantly an observer, which includes most humans, thrives in good times but suffers in bad times, because what you observe is reflected in your vibration. The Universe accepts that vibration as your point of attraction and then matches it with other things like it, and then you have more to observe which causes you to offer more of a vibrational offering which the Universe accepts as your point of attraction and gives you more like it. So the good gets gooder and the bad gets badder. But when you have learned to visualize...a visionary thrives in all times—because a visionary is one who learns to flow Energy because of decision, not because of what is.



When You Look At What Is Working

When you look at what is working,
you generate a vibration within you
that says my life works.

And then, in everything that you approach
— your life works.

You could have
ninety-nine things
not working in your life
and only one thing working,
if you would focus upon
the one thing that is
going right,

for a disproportionate amount of time,
saying “my life works;
my life works;
my life works...”

the other 99 things would fall in line
with what is working.

So when we say to count your blessings
or look at the positive aspects,
that’s just about deliberately activating
what is working in your life.
Because when you do that,
you get more and more, and more of that.

That’s how the better it gets, the better it gets
— the better it gets.

That’s when it’s easy to accept that Well-Being
is the order of this Universe.