When You Look At What Is Working

When you look at what is working,
you generate a vibration within you
that says my life works.

And then, in everything that you approach
— your life works.

You could have
ninety-nine things
not working in your life
and only one thing working,
if you would focus upon
the one thing that is
going right,

for a disproportionate amount of time,
saying “my life works;
my life works;
my life works...”

the other 99 things would fall in line
with what is working.

So when we say to count your blessings
or look at the positive aspects,
that’s just about deliberately activating
what is working in your life.
Because when you do that,
you get more and more, and more of that.

That’s how the better it gets, the better it gets
— the better it gets.

That’s when it’s easy to accept that Well-Being
is the order of this Universe.