Just Make Your Bed Today

Guilt gets you nowhere. Guilt is self-deprecation. You are love of self, love of all, you are love. You cannot be love and guilt at the same time — they are opposite vibrations.

So you say, “I’ve decided to be very tidy. I’m going to make my bed every day.” And then you think of all those beds you didn’t make. And you say, “I guess I have to go back and make all those unmade beds.” And we say, good luck with that one. You could not possibly do anything about them. Just make your bed today!

Just reach for a better feeling now, and never mind anything that has been, because you can’t do anything about it anyway, and you don’t need to. You stand right now, as this pure, powerful, blessed, beloved, all powerful, all knowing, all deserving Being. And anything that has happened before has nothing to do with that.