You Will Find New Friends There

"...You cannot change your world by changing others, because to change your collective, you must change yourself. When you change yourself, you attract people with your new values and perceptions, while old friends and collectives fall away.

For example, when you replace your anger with patience, you will no longer be attracted to your old friends who are angry, and they will no longer be attracted to you because you will have no further need of rage, but they will. When you replace your fear with compassion, compassionate people will become more interesting to you, and so on.

The Universal law of attraction shows you your beliefs, regardless of what you think you believe.
Do you think you are generous? Notice whether the people around you are generous. If they are not, you are not as generous as you think. Do you believe you are caring? Notice whether the people around you care more for themselves or others. You need only see the people around you clearly in order to see what values and beliefs you hold.

You cannot change yourself by wishing, thinking, wanting, or desiring. You must change. When you do, you will cease to attract people who wish, think, want, and desire to change. You will step into a new domain of experience, and you will find new friends there."

(excerpt from the book, "The Mind of the Soul" Gary Zukav)