Instant Magick Spells

Use your instant magick trigger, and then try these spells below ...

Astral Wind

Intention: To cleanse, heal.
Colors: Blue, white.
Words: I summon the astral wind to cleanse and clear.
Entities: Sky animals such as Eagle and Hawk.

You are simply calling the patterns of change that are already present on the energetic planes.
You may experience it as attracting a wind coming from behind you, and blowing all unwanted energies either from your body or the space around you, away and off your future path.
The astral wind is particularly effective for removing unwanted energies in the emotional and mental realms, including stress, tension, anger, and the residue of emotions left from conflicts in the home or office.


Gaia's Fire

Intention: Physical healing.
Color: Green, blue.
Entities: Gaia (Mother Earth).
Words: I am completely healthy.

Gaia's Fire is a spell used to heal the body and reduce pain.
It is particularly useful immediately after minor injuries or flare-ups of older injuries.
Working with earth energy, of both the element and the planet, it taps into the primal renewing energy of the planet that resonates with our physical bodies.

Sit in a comfortable position, ideally with either the soles of your feet or the base of your spine on the ground.
Contact with the ground stimulates the connection to earth energy.
Even if you are indoors or on an upper floor, this position still facilitates the connection.

Enter into a meditative state.
Create a link from your body down into the earth, like dropping an anchor.
Imagine it connecting deep into the planet.
Feel this line of energy act like a straw, and draw up the healing energies of the planet.
As it enters your body, it ignites a green fire.
The fire dissolves away your illnesses an injuries.
The energy physically rejuvenates you.
Feel the fire flow through your body and escape through the skin as it ignites.
You are releasing energy as you draw up more.
The exchange releases the energy of pain and injury and stimulates rapid healing.

Do this for at least two minutes, but no more than ten minutes is necessary.
When you are done, stop drawing up the energy.
Thank Mother Earth.
Let the remaining energy within you burn.


Wheel of Fortune

Intention: To manifest good luck and prosperity.
Colors: Green, blue, purple.
Entities: Emerald, Cinnamon, deities associated with fortune & good luck.
Words: I am prosperous and fortunate.

While in light meditative state, imagine a wheel of light spinning in front of you.
Like a roulette wheel, imagine it stopping in a place that symbolizes you "winning."
Feel your excitement from the "game" you have just won, and as you feel the energy of your meditation, draw it into you.
Imagine the wheel filled with vibrant light, and as you inhale, bring that fortunate energy into you, into your body and aura.
Return yourself to a normal state of consciousness and allow the fortunate "luck" to come into your life.

Note: Magick wielders know there is no such thing as good or bad luck, or random chance.
Everything occurs for a reason, but if the source of a difficulty is unclear, it can appear to be bad luck.
Misfortune is often simply an energy block, and this wheel can clear energy blocks that no longer serve a higher purpose.

...More spells to come in future postings.

(...from the book, "Instant Magick" ... by Christopher Penczak)