Surround Yourself With Light

A very powerful use of light is
to imagine that you are putting up a sphere
or cocoon of light around you,
which extends above your head
and below your feet.

Do not think of light as a protection,
but as an energy that is so strong
it raises the vibration of everything around you.

Use this image to create within you
a feeling of strength, harmony, and love.

When you surround yourself with light,
you do not have to build a wall around you to keep things out.

Your light will transform everything around you
into a higher vibration.

You raise your vibration when you surround yourself
with the image of light.

Your higher energy will set a tone
that others around you can pick up.

Not everyone is capable of responding to your higher vibration,
but as you put light around yourself,
you make a higher vibration available to others.

You will be able to stay calm and centered,
and will find it easier to keep your heart open
and be compassionate and loving.

(Sanaya Roman)