There is one constant steady Stream of pure positive Energy flowing to you at all times, and in any moment, you, as an individual, are allowing or resisting that Stream. When you’re allowing the Stream, you feel wonderful, you feel clarity, you feel vitality, you feel health, you feel abundance. You feel good. But if you are not allowing the Stream, you don’t feel so good. That’s what blame or doubt or fear is about.

You came forth into this sea of diversity, this sea of contrast, but you did not intend to make that contrast resistance.

Contrast is seeing all the stuff to choose from—sort of like a breakfast buffet—and choosing from it what you want. That’s saying, “Ah, I don’t like that. Don’t like that. Ooh, I like this. This is better. Ah, this is what I am wanting.” That is benefiting from contrast.

Most physical beings are oriented to push against what they don’t want because somehow you got some idea that that stuff has the ability to assert itself into your experience. And so, most of you believe that if you don’t get real strong and real capable of holding bad things away, that they’ll slip in and get you. So you’ve gotten very, very good at developing a resistant stance, believing—wrongly—that, in your resistance, you will keep it away, never dreaming that, in your resistance, the only thing you manage to hold away is your own Stream of Well-being.

When you start feeling how your thoughts feel, then you start recognizing when you are allowing and when you’re resisting. But as long as you are just thinking thoughts, those old habitual thoughts feel normal even though they’re full of resistance.

Now we know that sometimes things get quite a bit of momentum going, so much so that you can’t stop it, or so it seems. Sometimes a nice lobotomy would help, or a bit of unconsciousness, a little slumber or nap, some sort of distraction from whatever terrible treadmill you are upon. But the more you are in conscious connection with your resonating pure positive Energy Source, the less able to tolerate any deviation from it you become, and, therefore, the more aware at the early stages when you are stepping into that sort of situation.