Turn Your Attention Someplace Else

Well-being is just a thought, that feels good, away.

You could have every deadly disease known to man,
within you, today,
...and if you chose different feeling thoughts,
...tomorrow, they would all leave your body.

They are not physical things that have jumped into you.

They are the reflection of your not allowing
your natural Connection.

It’s nothing more complicated than
choosing better feeling thoughts.

For example, you just had a weak moment,
and now you feel guilty.

Guilt causes cancer ... and all kinds of other things.

You felt fear.

Fear causes cancer.

Fear or anger or jealousy, or guilt, are your indicator
that the thought you are choosing
is contradictory to, and is, hindering,
the Source Energy.

The key is to not give anything that you do not
want much of your attention.

As soon as you realize it doesn’t feel good,
... do your very best to turn your attention ...
someplace else.