Vibrations, It's All About Vibrations.

Are you knowing what you are wanting, and are you enjoying desire pulsing within you? If you are, then you are somewhere in the vibrational proximity of your desire. If your desire is not pleasing you so much it only means that, for whatever reason, you have not yet achieved a close vibrational harmony with your desire. For when you find up-close vibrational to your own desire, then your desire feels satisfying; it feels interesting; it feels life-giving. And the further you are—in vibrational proximity—from your own desire, then the more it aggravates you and the more uncomfortable you feel.

So, if you find yourself wanting to think about the things you want and wanting to talk about them with others, if the desire is calling your interest and calling your attention and calling your action, then you’re pretty well lined up with it, and it is unfolding. But if it feels like work; if you’re thinking about your desire because you have been told that goal-setting is important and that Deliberate Creation is about thinking about what you want; if it feels like you are making it happen rather than letting it happen, then there may still be some resistance within your vibration.

It is interesting as we hear this buzz in your meeting room because it is almost the same sort of thing that happens in your body. It is something that is vibrationally not in alignment. In this room you hear it in the electrical system and the sound system, but each of you has that same awareness, that vibrational sensing, when things are out of alignment within you.

But sometimes you just get used to the buzz; it’s been there for as long as you can remember it . . . you don’t quite know what to do about it, and so, you just acclimate to the buzz of the resistance rather than releasing the resistance and bringing yourself into alignment with your own desire.

Vibrational alignment: that is what everything is about. You are flesh, blood and bone, yes you are. You can see it; you can pinch it; you can lick it; you can see the physicalness of your Being. But you are extensions of Source Energy, which means you are electronic Beings. You are vibrational, first and foremost.

Sometimes you’ll have a sensation in your body (you call it sickness maybe, or discomfort or uneasiness; you call it an imbalance) and your first assumption is, “Oh, I have a sickness,” or, “I have a virus,” or “Maybe I’m coming down with something; I think there is something of a physical nature that is wrong with me.” And then, you try to figure out what viruses are afoot and how you can immunize yourself against them. Or, you’re looking for something to soothe it; you’re looking for some sort of remedy. You wonder, Is it something I ate? Is it something that is going around? And we are in the background smiling but shouting: It is Energy! It is Energy! It is Energy!

Now, it might be Energy that is manifested into something that you would call sickness. In other words, dis-ease is just not-ease. Dis-ease is not allowing the ease that is natural to be—but everything is vibrational. And so, begin to pay attention to the way you feel. And when you hear a “buzz,” we would encourage you to do something about it. Don’t ignore it. Don’t accept it as normal. Don’t assume that it’s something outside of you that you cannot do anything about. Understand that whatever you are feeling is an indication of your vibrational countenance.

Now, why is that such a wonderful and such an important thing? It is because you are extensions of Source Energy. You have come into this physical body as the leading edge…hear that: the Leading Edge Extension of Source Energy. You are the further-most focus of this Energy that creates Worlds; you are creative genius and you have access to all of this Energy—and the way you create with it—the way you utilize it is through your attention.

Whatever you are giving your attention to is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, a reverberation between you and whatever you are focused upon takes place. You are like your wireless computer, and so you don’t have to plug yourself in with some wire in order to connect to the network which is Source Energy. So, as you connect to this Source Energy network, so to speak (in your wireless way) you can always tell what you are doing as this Leading Edge summoner of the Energy.

Now, let’s say you have an electric toaster and your 7-year-old child has taken it apart (had a good time doing it) but when he put it back together, he got some wires crossed inside. And when you plug your toaster in, exciting explosive things happen. And you say, “The toaster, which is the leading edge extension of the utilization of the electricity, was misaligned.” And we would like you to understand that you are the toaster, and that you always have access to this pure Energy Stream, but depending upon how you’re aligned in any moment, that’s what equals the way you feel.

The Stream is always perfect; the Stream is always Pure Positive Energy flowing toward you. But you have so much leeway, latitude, ability, flexibility . . . You have so much ability to align-misalign, align-misalign with this Energy Stream.

So, when you look at your dashboard on your vehicle and you focus upon your fuel gauge and it tells you that your tank is approaching empty, you don’t feel angry with the gauge. You don’t take a hammer and just beat it out of the dash because it told you something you did not want to know. You also don’t stick a “Happy Face” sticker over it so that you can’t see it. In other words, it seems fairly important to you to know the level of fuel in your tank. And when your tank is approaching empty, you do something about it.

See your emotions as a similar gauge. When your “tank” is full, you are aligned with your Source Energy; you are full of yourself. But when you are approaching empty, that’s where that orneriness, fitfulness, despair, depression . . . that’s where those strong negative emotions are. And so, when you feel an emotion, we want you to, first of all, appreciate the fact that you are feeling the emotion and then understand that your Guidance System is fulfilling its reason for being just as you knew that it would. It is giving you a clear, constant, always-accurate reading of your vibrational countenance.

Now, what does that “fuel gauge on empty” mean in terms of emotion? What does negative emotion mean? It means, whatever you’re focused upon has a vibration activated within you that’s enough off the signal of that which is your Source that you have introduced a “buzz” in your system. It doesn’t mean you’re going to die; It doesn’t mean terrible things are going to happen. Not right away. (Fun!) It means that you are disallowing the Well-Being that would be there, otherwise.

Now, you are an extension of Pure Positive Energy, and that Pure Positive Energy is the only Stream that flows and you are allowing it or not allowing it. You are allowing it a lot, or not allowing it very much . . . but whatever you are doing with the allowing of the Stream is what your emotions are telling you . . . negative emotion is your indication of the diminishment of the Stream of Well-Being that would be there if you weren’t thinking whatever thought you’re thinking that’s got that vibration going within you that gives you that negative emotion that is the sensation that is the indicator of what you are doing vibrationally.

Everything is about vibration, and everything you feel is related to what you are doing with vibration. But, we know, especially at first, when you hear some Non-physical “angel” expressing to you about vibration, (Fun!) we know that it can be a little off-putting because you are accustomed to approaching your world through your physical sense.

It does feel more logical to you, when you feel something in your body, to start looking for physical clues. But we want you to look for vibrational clues, because at the heart of everything that you are living is a vibration of alignment or a vibration of misalignment—and that is all there is.

So, your emotions are very important; your emotions are your Guidance; your emotions are your constant indicator; and as you make them your friend, and as you do not stick a “Happy Face” over them, but instead, you let them be the indicator that they are, and then you do something about improving your state of emotion—which means raising your vibration, which means lowering your resistance to your Source Energy vibration—now, you are a Deliberate Creator.

We want to point out that your “tank” can never really be empty. You can pinch it off pretty good, but you will never empty out. In an ultimate physical withdrawal you just re-emerge fully into Non-physical. In other words, when you die, your tank fills right up. Death is the ultimate fulfillment of your fuel tank.

We would just like you to discover (on a consistent basis, and without dying) a full extension of that Source Energy. And we know that the only way that you’re going to be able to consistently do that is by reading your vibration and knowing what the feeling of your vibration means—and then adjusting your thought for the purpose of finding the relief that releasing resistance always brings.

It is not vibrationally possible for you to jump from that place of depression into that place of empowerment just because your friend or counselor wants you to. It is vibrationally not possible because Law of Attraction will not let you make that kind of jump any more than you could set your radio on 98.6 and hear what is being broadcast on 101 FM—the frequencies have to match up. You have to be a vibrational match to what you’re reaching for, or you cannot be the receiver of it.

Step One is, you ask. Contrast helps you to ask all over the place. You never stop asking; you are asking endlessly. Step Two is, that which you are asking for is always given—every single time. Source hears your request, and answers every single time; there is not an exception to that. Step Three says, those who ask must vibrationally line up with that which they are asking for. In other words, you have to be in the vibrational proximity of your own desire if there is to be any evidence of movement toward your desire. Not because you have been bad in past lives, and not because you are inappropriate now, but for the simple fact that vibrations have to line up.

Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is this powerful, consistent Law and your very best friend because when you get a sense of what your vibration is, and when you pay attention to the way you feel so you can feel how much of who you really are you are focusing in this moment, then you will never again be uncomfortable or surprised about anything that happens to you, or to anyone else.

No one else is keeping you from anything that you want. There is not an agency, not a parent, not an influence, there is not another—nothing can prevent you from the fulfillment of your own desires—only you. And only you can do it through offering a vibration that is not in alignment with your desires. And, your emotions are telling you in every moment whether or not you are allowing or resisting, whether or not you are in alignment or misalignment with your own desires.

Understanding the Law of Attraction, and more importantly, understanding the way you feel, will give you creative abilities beyond your wildest dreams. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have; there is nothing that you cannot reach for and achieve—and there is nothing that needs to take a long time to come to you.

Source Energy is very fast-moving Energy, and manifestation is much faster in these days than it has ever been before. And it is time for you to reclaim your power by paying attention to whatever you are doing that is causing you to divert your power or to resist your power.

Pay attention to the way you feel. And make your essential, determined stance be that you’re going to make the best of things. That’s really the mantra that will put you on course: I’m going to make the best of this. No matter where I am, I’m going to make the best of it! Hear what that means: No matter where I am, if I make the best of it, it’s gotta get better. And then if I still make the best of it, it’s gotta get better. And if I still make the best of it, it’s gotta get even better. . . .

People are going to find you to be very nice to with. Children may be a little shocked as they discover you are not riding herd on their behavior so much. They will be delighted as they discover you are giving them an up-close example of someone who is joyous. Other’s will discover, through their exposure to you, their own joy—for you will teach through the clarity of your example.

You never teach anyone anything by pointing out what they’re doing wrong and then trying to discipline them into doing something that you believe is right. All you do is distort their awareness of the only Guidance that will ever be of any value to them.

No one else can evaluate anyone else’s Emotional Scale. It’s an inside job. It’s a personal job, and nobody else can do it.

Esther Hicks