Vibrate in a Nice Place

Try to vibrationally project energy about nice people and about beautiful things, and about friendly animals and about good flowing traffic, and about happy comfortable clothes and about beautiful surroundings, and about good food and about delicious relationships.

Stand in line in the post office basking in the deliciousness of something. Drive in your car basking in the deliciousness of something. Sit on an airplane basking in the deliciousness of it. Every time you achieve that mental imagery, you vibrate there, just for a little bit, which means the Universe sees that as you. Your point of attraction begins to shift again and again, and again and again as your Well-Being is known not only to you but the entire Universe. You begin emitting such a vibration of Well-Being that only Well-Being can be your experience because Law of Attraction says, “It must be so.” You see? And then somebody says, “Where are you going?” And you say, “Oh, I’m on my way to a fantastic house, to a delicious relationship, to a perfect car, to healthy, thriving body.” And they say, “Well, you’re not there yet.” And you say, “I didn’t say I was there, I said I’m on my way there.”