The Way the Power of Influence Works is This:

The way the power of influence works is this:

Let us say you walk into a room. Now, let us say that on the night before, you went to bed and you spent some time basking and appreciating. You spent some time observing that which is in vibrational harmony with your Source Energy so that you were reverberating the Pure Positive Energy of your Source.

Now, you walk into a room the next day and you see someone grieving or struggling or complaining, and as you are connected to your Pure Positive Energy, your vibration in connection with Source Energy dominates the vibration of the room so that those people who always without exception have some vibrational sympathy with this vibration of Well-being, they are more likely to join you in your triumphant vibration.

Let’s say, instead though, you got up, you didn’t bask, you didn’t visualize, you didn’t focus, you just observed. You turned on the television, observed, whatever. You observed. And so your vibration is sort of all over the place depending on what you are observing. Now you walk into a room, not particularly or even well-connected at all with your Source Energy, then you observe somebody in struggle and you easily join them in their vibration of struggle.

The way you help someone is by maintaining your connection, maintaining your vibrational match to Source Energy. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to appear cold or uncaring in your joy about your own father’s death. What it means is that you are all right about it. Imagine that you are doodling in your notebook. Now you can use this Creation Box in three different ways. You’ll probably think of more. Actually get a box and tear things out or doodle on cards or put pictures in it. Drop things in the box or sketch in your notebook. Draw an arena. Whether it is round or square, it doesn’t matter, a creative arena on your page and then doodle in it. Draw yourself there. And over there in another place, draw your mother. And draw rainbows representing future happiness and dollar signs representing continued success and draw other people around her buoying her. You could even draw outside of the arena, people on their way to her, people coming to fill in the gap that she is currently feeling so strongly. Future mate on the way, future feeling of security on the way.

You see, you’ve got a choice. Here is the most powerful statement that we can make to you and, we want you to take it in full. The Universe does not know or care if your vibrational offering—your point of attraction—is as a result of something you are observing or something that you are visualizing, but in either case it accepts it as your point of attraction and responds accordingly.

It is delicious to recognize that you have the ability to assist others, but, friends, if you see someone as broken, you make a vibrational match to something other than creative Energy—and you have not much to give.