The Entire Universe is Established to Help You

Are you knowing that you are the creator of your experience?
Is that a good thing?

Have you noticed that there is a continual new desire within you?

Are you beginning to understand that the desire that is focused within you is the most natural thing in all of the Universe? Are you beginning to understand that the desire that continually focuses within you is the natural consequence of the contrast in which you are so dramatically, emphatically, and precisely focused?

You are focusing mechanisms and your ability to perceive within the framework of the variety that is around you causes continual focus, or desire, to be born within you. The entire Universe is established to help you—a creator out here on this leading edge of thought—assume your new stance or conclusion or determination or decision or idea, or desire.

Desires are born within you, constantly, whether you verbalize them, or not.

You are focusing mechanisms creators out here on the leading edge of thought, in this natural environment where you synthesize data and conclude.

DESIRE is natural.
The Universe is established to help you give birth to Desire.