The Place Where You Allow

Your most common hindrance is that feeling of dissatisfaction about something that you want, that you do not have. Either there is something that you’ve got that you don’t want, and you’re unhappy that you can’t get rid of it, or there is something that you desire that has not yet come fully to you, and you are irritated or depressed that it has not yet come. Your feeling of dissatisfaction is your biggest hindrance, and it is also the simplest one to release once you understand how it all works.

Your feeling of dissatisfaction is your biggest hindrance.

Ask, and it is Always Given
Many of you have heard it many, times: When you ask, it is given. Whether you are a cell in one of your magnificent bodies, or in a plant’s body, or you are the fully conscious personality that you know as you, when you ask for something—and you are asking constantly whether you use words or whether your experience just helps you to conclude the desire—when you have desire, it is always answered, every single time.

Three Points of Creation:
1. Your Desire Asks.
2. Universe Answers.
3. Allow Your Desire to Manifest.

Three Points to Your Creation

There are three points to this fulfilling legacy that is yours:
The first point in creation is the desire, or asking. That happens just by your association with your experience. So, the asking happens.

The second point is the answering to that asking. Universal forces, some call it God Force, we call it Creative Life Force—always gives the answer in the moment of the asking.
The third point: You, who is asking, must then receive. You must be in the place where you allow the thing that you are asking for.

So, if there’s something that you have been wanting that is not yet manifesting in your experience, it isn’t because of one or two: It isn’t because you haven’t asked, and it isn’t because the Universe has not yielded it. It can only be that you are not in the receiving mode.