Segment Intend It

Do more deliberate intending of what you want.

Have you ever walked through a busy shopping center, or an airport or any place where there is a crowd of people, and you're undecided where you're going?
You're just sort of waltzing through.
Do you notice how many people get in your way and how they bump into you?
You are buffeted about.

Take the same situation, but where you are moving with purpose.
Do you not notice that they get out of your way?
As you are in the flow of things, it is as if you have the whole place to yourself.
This is what Segment Intending will do for you.

If you will stop, anytime you realize you are going into a new segment
- which simply means a block of time when your intentions are different -
...if you will stop and say: "What am I wanting to feel in this segment?
What am I wanting to have? What am I wanting to do?"
It will come forth to you, very quickly, and then you will not be swept up by the influence of someone else's intentions.

If you're not deliberate, and others are, they'll overpower you every time.
It is Law. It is momentum.

This powerful Energy that comes forth from Non-physical is there for all of you.
And the way that you utilize it affects your experience.

When what you want and what you expect are all going in the same direction, you are so powerful that nobody can dissuade you. Nobody that is out of harmony.

And that is not a bad thing, for what happens is: begin attracting those who are in harmony.