Of Mice and Men (...or Women)

The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or squirrel, or no matter what beast you are affectionately addressing, is, for the most part, less specifically focused than you are.

He is less of a deliberate creator. He deciphers contrast less specifically than you do. Therefore, he creates less deliberately than you do. The advantage to him, in that, is that he does not push against as much. So he stays more connected to the Energy Stream. And because he stays more connected to the Energy Stream, he is guided more by intuition, or that which you would call instinct.
Because he reaches his full capability very early in his life, the beast does not mind coming and going frequently because he achieves almost his full capacity almost instantly. So he enjoys his life expression in the fullness of his beingness very quickly. And so, he comes and goes easily with less resistance than you do.

(referring to above) Editor's Note: (...or she/her)

The physical human, who is more specifically focused, runs a greater risk of choosing a vibration that separates him a bit from the Nonphysical Energy. The greater specifics puts you in a place where you may be less allowing of the Pure Positive Energy. You are less willing to just get run over by a truck and then come back in another body, because it takes you more time, in your earth framework, to reach the majority where you really begin to enjoy the deliberateness of your creation. But the evolution of your species makes it possible for you to conjure images and be a more specific deliberate creator.