...Like Trying To Herd Cats

It is logical that when you see something that pleases you and you have that good feeling response, that then you would want more things that please you to be out there for you to observe. And it is equally logical that when you see those things through your observation that do not please you, and you feel bad when you see them, that then you would want to try to control those outer circumstances.

The thing of it is, you cannot control those circumstances. So what you begin to say is, “I need this and this and this to be different so that I can feel better.” And we say, really frustrating isn’t it? Because as soon as you get this and this lined up, then that doesn’t line up. And as soon as you get that lined up, then this and that doesn’t line up.

It’s a little bit like somebody giving you a radio and you are new to the idea. They explain that there are broadcasting towers out there projecting a signal, and that when you plug your radio in, you will receive the signal. And so, you plug it in and what you hear is really unpleasant. And you say, “Now let me see, there are towers out there broadcasting, and those broadcasting towers are the reason that IÔm hearing this?” And since what you are hearing is so appalling, you spend most of your life destroying radio towers. You cut them off at the ankles, you tip them over, you blow them up. And finally you get all of the towers destroyed except the one that is broadcasting something that pleases you. And we say, that is one way of going about it—but it would have been much easier for you to just adjust your dial on your tuner receiver.