The Time of Parenthesis

“The age in which we live is shivering amidst the tremors of ontological breakdown. It’s all shifting: the moral mandates; the structural givens; the standard-brand governments, religions, economics; the very consensual reality is breaking down, the underlying fabric of life and process by which we organized our reality and thought we knew who and why and where we were.
The world by which we understood ourselves---a world that began in its essential mandates several thousand years ago with certain premises about humanity, God, reality, and the moral and metaphysical order, and which in terms of our existential lives, began about three hundred years ago with the scientific revolution---is a world that no longer works. It is a world whose lease has run out, whose paradigms are eroding, and which no longer provides us with the means and reference points by which we can understand ourselves.

We are not unlike the cartoon cat who runs off the cliff and keeps on running, treading air over the abyss before he discovers his predicament and says, ‘Oops!’ There is a lag between the end of an age and the discovery of that end. We are the children of the lag, the people of the time of parenthesis---and there is no juicier time to be alive.
For the future is open in a time of parenthesis---the new age is being seeded; the new myths are beginning to appear…”
(excerpt from the book, “Life Force,” by Jean Houston)

The above excerpt was included in the Afterword to the book, “What God Wants,” by
Neale Donald Walsch, 2005.